Our Vision & Values

The River Mission Statement

Create A Church That Unchurched People Love To Attend and Become Fully Devoted Followers of Christ.

Our Core Values

It’s not about ME
It’s all about HIM
Attitude is EVERYTHING
Irrelevance is IRREVERENCE
If you SEE it, you OWN it
Miracles happen in LIFEGROUPS
 is impossible
The proof of love is my desire to GIVE
Making LOYALTY legendary
Rolls Royce has NO commercials
We won’t DO until we pray THROUGH
 needs a Paul & Timothy
Culture KILLS crisis
Leaders are LEARNERS


The River’s Five Currents Of Commitments

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Explaining the Five Currents Of Commitments

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 The River’s Definitions Of Each Target Audience

The Community
The Community exist of those who occasionally attend for special experiences such as Easter and Christmas.

The Crowd
Regular attendees who attend occasionally for Sunday worship experiences.

The Congregation
Those committed to membership but not currently volunteering.

The Committed
Those committed to maturity through biblically tithing and praying for The River but not volunteering.

The Core
 Those who are active in ministry at The River. They have completed the Discover The River membership classes, they volunteer in at least one ministry of The River and also show their support by biblically tithing and praying for The River.

Our Mission

To become fully devoted followers of Christ.

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We utilize the Discover The River Process to assist others in becoming fully devoted followers of Christ.
An overview of this process is the following:

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Our Strategy for Encouraging Life-Change

Reach Up

At The River, we’re reaching up to God as we gather weekly for the corporate worship experience, a spiritual hunger for the work of the Holy Spirit, and a desire to experience spiritual maturity.

Reach Out

We are reaching out to believers through Lifegroups because we believe life change happens in Lifegroups. We reach out to non-believers through loving, caring and genuine acts of kindness.

Reach In

We are reaching in through volunteering and serving others through the local community of faith. Also, we’re reaching into our selves through maturity in Christ.